Dimensional Accent Wall

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A dimensional accent wall is different from all other walls in the room because of its colour and texture. It draws attention as it is the focal point of a room. This wall is a creative way to add style and intrigue to your rooms. It can be a step towards creating your dream house. You can transform the look of your house completely by adding this stunning and inexpensive showpiece.

This will enliven your living room and add a sense of architectural charm. The good thing is that you can always go creative and personalize these walls. This can be designed anywhere in your house: living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even outdoors.

Let’s have a look at various types and designs of this unique wall.

Mono-coloured accent walls

Choose the right colour from the diversity of pigments following the impact you want to deliver. You can either go bold by choosing dark colours like red and blue or select pastel colours to give a more calming effect. These walls draw more attention to things around them so don’t forget to add decoration pieces, vases or a clock.

Wooden accent walls

Wood is always a good option when decorating homes. It delivers a feeling of warmth along with organic elegance. If you are looking for an aesthetic look, these are the ones for you. A touch of modern art can be added too if you want to.

Hand-painted accent walls

This is the best option if you want to be creative. You can either paint yourself or hire people. Get a simple accent wall and paint it. You may choose the painting according to the theme you are going with. Landscape paintings are a good idea as they make you feel warm and welcomed.

Brick accent walls

These are in hot trend nowadays. You can choose from a vast variety of colours and styles of bricks. The tawny texture adds warmth to your room. Painting them white is also a decent choice.

Geometrical accent walls

They add a pattern to the room which delivers a sense of alignment and makes things look more arranged and set. Different structures are available to select from. If you want a bold and dramatic impact, go for them.

Bathroom accent walls

Adding a dimensional accent wall in the bathroom will boost the look instantly. It hides the flaws as it becomes the focal point and draws more attention to itself. This makes the place looks perfect and tidy. You can also place a fancy mirror to add to the beauty.