Board And Batten Wall

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Are you looking for a more formal look for your office? Or do you want simple and decent decor in your sitting area? You are at the right place!

We are here to assist you in how you can use board and batten walls for décor

What is the board and batten wall?

This is a cost-effective way to change the look of an area without much hard work. They are here for a long time but nowadays they have become more popular to add character and give a modern touch to the environment.

How are these made?

Board and batten walls are made up of wood. A wood board works as a base and strips of wood are used to design the pattern. Then you can paint it with the color of your choice and set a theme. This is so simple and easy that you can do it yourself as well. All you need is paint of your choice, wood and a wall!

Different designs

You can choose a design that goes well with your idea. You can either opt for rectangular patterns if you need a more formal look or you can also add just a long strip of board and batten wall. This will give a more delicate and stunning look. You can apply this idea in your pathways.

Walls for bedroom

If your bedroom is painted light, choose a bright colour for your special wall. But if you have a dark-themed bedroom, a light-coloured wall will look more elegant. For example, a navy blue board as a batten wall will stand out in a cream shade painted room. You can also choose a half board and batten walls over the full ones, this will end up looking more graceful.

Walls for offices

These decent-looking walls add a more formal look to your office. They add to the largeness of a place and can make your small office look bigger. Choose more subtle colours for a workplace as they help to generate a considerate environment.

Walls for bathrooms

To hide the flaws and add some texture to your bathrooms, it’s a good idea of setting up board and batten walls instead of painting It. Rather than one whole board and batten wall, the whole bathroom of half board and batten walls and wallpaper on the top looks more elegant.