What Money Should You Spend on a Kitchen Remodel in Texas

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Composing a budget for your kitchen remodel is problematic, especially in larger cities like Texas. You are always surrounded by questions like should I spend more on the cabinets or the flooring? Is it okay to buy cheap appliances and work more on the appearance of the kitchen? Should I use extortionate tiles to draw attention?
Everyone will be giving you different information and you’ll probably get confused. So we have broken it down for you to understand better.

What Should be The Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

Of course, the cost for remodelling varies from kitchen to kitchen. This depends on the overall size of the kitchen and on the number of things needed to be replaced or fixed. We cannot give you a specific amount because every scenario is different but we do have average numbers which can help us understand what price is reasonable.

In Texas, the average cost of a kitchen remodel is around $30,000. We know this looks a lot but you should remember that a well-organized kitchen can add most of the value to your house. Moreover, it’s important to know that $30,000 is an average cost but it can be adjusted according to the size of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen it can be $20,000 and if your kitchen is larger or you want to customize details in your kitchen, it can reach up to $50,000 as well.

Project costs divided

After you are done determining the final budget, we can help you divide your budget so you can estimate what percentage of your total budget will be devoted to certain things. The table below shows percentages allocated to different parts of your kitchen remodel according to The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)

A Guide About Which Places to Save and Invest

Every kitchen is different but the basics are the same. Whether your kitchen is ting, average or huge there are some things you should keep in mind and plan how much money to devote to them.

Cabinets 30%

Cabinets are surely one of the biggest expenses in your kitchen remodel. They can be a focal point and add more value to the place. Customized cabinets will look luxurious but you will have to spend more. An alternative is to get your old cabinets retouched and painted. This can save you money but if you are willing to spend more, modern designed cabinets are always a good option.

Appliances 14%

Appliances are another huge expense but they are more important than any other thing. Being the workstations, appliances are the ones who get work done for you. While purchasing, you should also pay attention to the amount of energy consumption and not only the look of an appliance. Figure out what size and type will suit your lifestyle and buy accordingly. You are not going to buy a huge, elephant-sized fridge just because it looks good, are you?

Countertops 10%

There is a huge variety of countertops in the market. Various materials like granite, marble and quartz are eye-catching but choose according to your needs and lifestyle.

Lighting 5%

This 5% is essential, try not to save here. Good Lighting makes a place look luxurious and adds to the value. It is important to make your life easier and it also helps to draw attention to the focal points of your kitchen. You can opt for under cabinet lighting, it will highlight your expensive cabinets and make it easier for you to organize and find things.

Plumbing Fixtures 4%

The cost of plumbing fixtures has a big range. There are always copies of expensive faucets which means you can get the same design at a low cost. But, if you have some room in your budget, go for your favourite expensive faucets. They will help personalize your kitchen and make it beautiful

Paint 2-3%

Paint is a creative way to refresh the look of a place. It’s cheap and easy to do. You can choose a warm cosy colour for your kitchen but if you’re not sure which colour will look the best, contact an interior designer and they will guide you.

Tile 1-2%

Tiles are a splendid way to make a place look lavish. They can be used to give prominence to certain areas of your kitchen. Tiles can also be used for flooring if you have enough budget. Make sure to buy enough tiles to cover the entire floor of your kitchen.

Planning Remodel and Finding a Professional

When planning a remodel, it’s important to set your budget according to your needs. Whether you want to sell your house after remodelling or you want to do it for yourself, you should select more cost-effective materials to save money. If you can’t decide what to do you can always hire a professional and they will guide you fully about what you should do and what you should not. They can also provide you with a proper plan.

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